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Float Spa Experience


This Float Spa Experience brings you on a zero-gravity floating journey to recharge yourself! 

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This Float Spa Experience brings you on a zero-gravity floating journey to recharge yourself!

Float Spa is a unique experience that allows you to float in a stealth float pod. During the float, you will experience sensory deprivation, shutting out all sound, light and even touch. Staying in a totally dark and quiet private float pod, your ears will be submerged just below the water and you will close your eyes. The sensory deprivation helps you to tune into your inner self in the experience so that you can enter a fully relaxed state.

In this 1-hour experience, you can experience a zero-gravity float spa in a private space. You will be floating and laying in a warm bath filled with 10 inches of water and over 500kgs of Epsom salt to help you float easily on the surface. Due to the buoyancy of the water, all the forces of gravity on the body disappear. The water and air in the pod mimic your body’s own temperature to give you a feeling of complete weightlessness. By reducing external stimulation, your body and mind have an opportunity to rejuvenate and reset, bringing you to a deep state of physical and mental relaxation. When you get out of the float pod at the end of the experience, you will feel completely refreshed and relieved from pains and discomfort. You can also find calmness after the experience.

This Float Spa Experience can help you rediscover your mind and soul. Just walk in, float freely, relax and recharge!


Number of People

This Experience Voucher is valid for 1 person in a private session.

Additional guest may join at an additional cost of HK$900 per person (Single pod), up to a maximum of 2 people.

Upon request, a couple pod can be arranged for bookings with 2 participants at an additional cost of HK$600.

Availability and Duration

This experience lasts for 1 hour. Please arrive 30 minutes before your float and allow extra time for showering after the session.

Bookings can be made on any day and are subject to availability.

Experience Location




What to wear

We recommend you float nude for a complete sensory deprivation experience. But if you find it uncomfortable, you can definitely wear a swimsuit.


All the participants must be aged 16 or above.

This experience is NOT suitable for pregnant women who are in their first trimester.

Extra Information
This experience includes:

  • 60-minute Float Experience (excluding the shower time)
  • All necessary equipment provided including floating head rest, body towel, hairdryer, makeup remover, body lotion and more.
  • Exclusive use of single float tank suite including a shower
  • Upon request, a couple tank can be arranged for bookings with 2 participants

You are required to complete an online waiver form upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I float if I am in my second or third trimester of pregnancy?
A: Absolutely! You can lay your back without any pressure, which is definitely a great solution to release your pain. If you have any doubt, please consult your doctor before coming.

Q: Can I float if I have my period?
A: We do not recommend floating during your menstrual period. It is best to wait until it is finished to enjoy a care-free float.

Q: Can I float if I have my hair dyed?
A: For the benefit of your hair and the water, please wait until the water runs clear when you wash your hair before coming for a float.

Q: Can I wear contact lenses?
A: We recommend you to remove contact lenses before entering into the tank as salt water might run into your eyes, which may cause you discomfort. We have contact lens case and solution available for you. Please bring glasses if you need them.

Q: Is the water clean?
A: Yes, the water is filtered between each session. It goes through a caliber filter, a UV disinfection system and chemical disinfection system.

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Float Spa Experience

Float Spa Experience

This Float Spa Experience brings you on a zero-gravity floating journey to recharge yourself! 

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