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Pakistani Cooking Class: World of Herbs & Spices

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Step into a traditional Pakistani home in this cooking class for an intimate taste of the aromas, spices and history behind Pakistani food and culture, and learn how to cook up to 4 festive Pakistani dishes.

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Pakistani food is rich in both flavour and heritage. In this 3-hour Pakistani Cooking Class, step into a traditional Pakistani home - you’ll learn to recreate the regal flavours of this cuisine’s festive dishes and feast upon the food of aristocrats like ‘nawabs’ & ‘rajahs’, who were served these creations on silver & gold dishes.

The World of Herbs and Spices
The cooking class begins with an introduction to the spices commonly used in Pakistani food. Spices, like saffron, cinnamon and cumin, are essential to the cuisine - they are freshly roasted and grounded to create an amazingly rich array of aromatic dishes. See, smell & touch them as Chef Rehana Sheikh explains each one’s role in a spice blend.

The Cooking Experience
You will learn how to cook three or four delectable Pakistani recipes, accompanied by a lively discussion of cooking tips. You may want to participate in each step for a fully hands-on experience or watch Chef Rehana demonstrate.

Afterwards, sit down and enjoy the delicious Pakistani food. Go home with the recipes, a helpful spice guide on how to buy and store spices and a special gift!

Choose one menu from the below:


Menu Options
Menu 1
  • Zafrani Biryani – The grand saffron mutton, lamb or chicken biryani cooked with Basmati rice, yoghurt, carmelized onions, pungent spices and Spanish saffron
  • Aloo Ka Raita – Steamed Potato Chunks in spicy yoghurt with fragrant herbs
  • Saag Methi – Spinach cooked in assorted spices, tomatoes and an aromatic dried herb 'methi'
Menu 2
  • Korma – A rich dish of chicken or lamb cooked in onions, yoghurt, almonds and a 5-spice blend
  • Mattar Pulao – Basmati rice flavoured with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and cooked with peas then flavoured with a blend of spices
  • Chapli Kebabs – Crisp beef kebabs made with tomatoes, chilies and dried pomegranate seeds then flavoured with a blend of spices
  • Tandoori Sabzi – Assorted spiced and grilled/baked vegetables
Menu 3
  • Maachi Harah Masala – Fish Chunks in a hot and spicy sauce made with fresh herbs and tamarind
  • Bagharey Baingan – A hot and sour eggplant curry, spiced with a special blend of 8-10 ingredients
  • Chilli and Coriander Rice – Basmati rice cooked with fresh coriander and chillies
  • Dal Kebabs – Lentil and carrot spicy cakes
Menu 4
  • Murgh Tikkas – Barbecued/grilled chicken in a special spice blend
  • Baigan Burhani – Grilled eggplant in spicy sauce
  • Bhindi Keema – Crispy okra topped hot minced beef
  • Til Kay Naan – Baked sesame soft, flat bread
Menu 5
  • Beer Chicken Curry – Chicken cooked with a fiery blend of spices and simmered in beer
  • Seekh Tikkas – Spiced beef and vegetables grilled on skewers
  • Cumin Chappatis – Fluffy whole wheat flat bread with crunchy cumin seeds
  • Aloo Ka Bhurtha – Potatoes mash with crispy fried onions, flavourful greens and spices
(Choose 1)

With compliments from the Chef (made only on request)

  • Gajar Ka Halwa – Grated carrot cooked slowly in milk, then browned in butter or oil with cardamom, nuts and raisins
  • Suji Ka Halwa – Toasted semolina cooked in a sweet cardamom syrup with almonds and pistachios
  • Gulab Jamun – Fried soft milk balls in rose flavoured syrup
  • Kulfi – Pakistani style ice-cream with pistachios and cardamom
  • Zarda – Basmati rice cooked with nuts and raisins in a saffron flavoured syrup with cloves, cardamom and cinnamon
  • Sheer Khorma – Toasted vermicelli cooked in milk with assorted nuts with dried dates and dried coconut silvers added in then flavoured with 'kewra' a floral essence

Number of People
This experience is valid for 2 people in a private session. Additional participants may join at an additional cost of $900 per person, up to a maximum of 6 people.

Experience Location
Discovery Bay

Availability and Duration
The experience lasts 3 – 3.5 hours. Bookings can be made on all days except Sundays and public holidays in one of two slots:

1) Lunch session 11.00am–2.30pm
2) Dinner session 6.00pm–9.30pm

Bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance and are subject to availability.


This experience will be cancelled and rescheduled in the event that the Hong Kong Observatory issues a red or black rainstorm warning signal or a typhoon signal number 8 or above.

What to Wear
Please dress in casual and non-flammable clothing with minimum jewelry.

Please notify us of any religious or health dietary restrictions on the booking form. Upon request, menus can be customized for children and young adults. 

Extra Information

This experience includes:

  • Demonstration and participation in preparing a three-dish Pakistani meal
  • Complimentary tea and soft drinks, dessert (on request), all Pakistani style will be offered
  • Step by step recipes and relevant tips will be given as handouts
  • Participants will also receive a take-home special gift at the end of the experience
Michael Bradley 2020-01-13

We were made to feel very at home and welcome.

Petra Somerville 2020-01-05

My 16 year old son and his friend absolutely loved this experience! Host was wonderful and they loved being in her home and in her kitchen - food was delicious!

Nelson Fong 2018-11-06

My wife Jenny bought this experience for me as our wedding anniversary gift. The Pakistani cooking class was a wonderful experience. We were amazed by the excellent taste of Pakistani herbs, spices, meat, and bread. Rehana, our instructor, showed us perfect hospitality and we felt like being at home!

Diana White 2018-11-02

We loved our cooking class with Rehana and the food was delicious!

Ben Plant 2017-03-20

Really enjoyed our experience: learnt a lot about Pakistani cooking and the different herbs and spices involved. The food was absolutely delicious. Rehana was an excellent, informative and welcoming host.

Robyn Searl 2017-01-25

This was a very fulfilling and interesting experience which gave me both an expanded appreciation of the food of Pakistan but increased my knowledge of spices and their use - everything we did is easily reproducible at home

Nicola Parrington 2016-11-14

We loved it! Learnt so much about spices and how easy it is to create delicious curries at home. Rehanna was very charming and had such a lovely evening.

Seika 2014-08-11

It is a unforgetable experience.And I have great fun in this experience. Also the staff is very nice and helpful. He try his best and try to find the way can let me enjoy this experience and let me can try my best to record my own CD.Thanks a lot

Eugene Leventhal 2014-07-29

Rehana was a fabulous host and chef. She is very pleasant to spend a few hours with and gave great instructions for cooking, as well as printing the recipes and giving us enough spices to recreate these dishes at home. Overall, it was a fantastic Saturday afternoon. If you have some free time after you can spend the day at one of the beaches by Gold Coast or go hiking (we did the former, we were too full for a hike!).

Eugene 2014-07-22

Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon! The food was delicious and I look forward to attempting to recreate it.

Nicholas Kee 2014-07-09

Thanks for the recipes and again for a delightful afternoon – not just the cooking but the eating and talking part too.

Heidi Kan 2014-07-08

Thank you for sharing your great food, knowledge in cooking and herbs with us. It was a lovely experience!!

Past Participant 2014-05-20

Rehana always makes the class interesting and explains everything in detail. Her recipes are great and have always been a success when I try them again at home.

Past Participant 2014-05-20

Rehana is very organised and the class was well structured and enjoyable. The food was tasty. Her presentations skills were excellent as were the handouts. I would recommend it to others.

Past Participant 2014-05-20

We followed Rehana’s very clear, step by step instructions and the handout was fine. She was friendly and very happy to answer any questions we had as we went along. There were 6 of us attending the course which I thought was a good number. We were able to compare dishes and have a little chat too!

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Pakistani Cooking Class: World of Herbs & Spices

Pakistani Cooking Class: World of Herbs & Spices

Step into a traditional Pakistani home in this cooking class for an intimate taste of the aromas, spices and history behind Pakistani food and culture, and learn how to cook up to 4 festive Pakistani dishes.

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