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Personal Fragrance Profiling with Penhaligon's

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Enter Penhaligon’s, a purveyor of fine perfumes, for a personal fragrance profiling experience! Step back in time into a world of Victorian decadence - explore the art of perfumery, delve into their scent library and discover your signature perfume.

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Enter Penhaligon’s and step back in time into a world of Victorian decadence and heady aromatic indulgence. At Penhaligon’s, you will explore the art and chemistry of perfumery and delve deep into the brand’s extraordinary scent library to discover a signature perfume that fits your style and personality. 

With a legacy of over 146 years and a royal seal of approval, Penhaligon’s fragrances are sure to be a treat!

In 45 minutes, you will receive a personal fragrance profiling experience. As you sample fragrances, ask yourself - is it citrus, floral or woody scents that draw out your favourite memories? What smells comfort or excite you? Your scent consultant will draw on your responses and reactions to find the distinctive scents and notes that are wholly you.

You will also learn more about perfume and the work of a perfumer, including:

  • The history of English perfumery
  • Penhaligon’s through the ages
  • The story of William Penhaligon, the eccentric founder of the brand
  • Scent appreciation
  • How a fragrance is made, including the difference between EDT (Eau de Toilette) and EDP (Eau de Parfum)
  • Structure of a fragrance
  • How to wear a fragrance

At the end of the experience, take home a mini gift set containing five of Penhaligon’s most popular perfumes and a scented bath and body product of your choice.


Number of People
This Experience Voucher is valid for 1 person in a private session. You may invite an observer to attend at no additional cost.

Availability and Duration
This experience lasts for 45 minutes.

Bookings can be made from Monday to Sunday, 10:00 - 11:30, 19:30 - 20:30, or from Monday to Friday, 15:00 - 17:00. Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance and are subject to availability.

Experience Location

English or Cantonese

Extra Information
This Experience includes:

  • A personal fragrance profiling experience
  • Gifts to take home with a retail value of HK$810, including:
    。 1 x mini-his or hers set (5 x 5ml) of Penhaligon’s classic fragrances and,
    。 1 x scented bath and body product (shower gel / shower cream) of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I’ve found the perfect scent. How can I take it home?
A: This experience does not include a bottle of perfume of your choice, but you may exchange your gifts (retail value $810) for an equivalent cash value to spend on any of Penhaligon’s products. If your scent costs more, all you have to do is a pay a top-up fee to cover the difference.

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Jasmine Pluck 2017-10-16

From the start, it's a very very lively English shop, with very warm staff that makes you feel cared for. Jackie was our instructor and she was absolutely amazing. She had an impressive knowledge of her products and her delivery of all the stories behind each bottle was very intriguing. It's a very unique experience and it's great as I was able to learn a lot of the know hows of perfumerie as well as discover what scent I like and what scent my body can carry:)

Sara Adami 2017-01-20

I got this experience from my husband who gave it to me as birthday gift. It was memorable and very special, I definitely will recommend it to my friends!! Plus I went home and I smelled so nice :)

Harry Ho 2016-11-21

It was the ultimate olfactory experience. We sampled so many famous fragrances from Penhaligon's and learned about the story behind each of them. The instructor was enthusiastic and informative.

Tina Tam 2016-10-05

I got this experience as a gift from my company. I thought it was an amazing experience to learn about the history of Penhaligon's perfume brand and why different types of smell became popular during different period of time. The presenter knew what he was talking about and was able to tell me in detail of each bottle of perfume he showed me. I really enjoyed learning about the different families of perfume and was able to identify what I like. I ended up buying a perfume and paying the difference.

Heather Jewsbury 2015-09-04

This exceeded my expectations, as I spent a really enjoyable 45 mins learning about the history of the company and perfumes, as well as the perfume profiling. Celine was very knowledgeable and testing the perfumes was like wine tasting with an expert, as you learn to appreciate the different layers and influences. Very pleased with my final choice!

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Personal Fragrance Profiling with Penhaligon's

Personal Fragrance Profiling with Penhaligon's

Enter Penhaligon’s, a purveyor of fine perfumes, for a personal fragrance profiling experience! Step back in time into a world of Victorian decadence - explore the art of perfumery, delve into their scent library and discover your signature perfume.

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