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Make Your Own Whiskey Kit


Infuse your favourite flavour notes into your perfect glass of whiskey in this Make Your Own Whiskey Kit!

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Infuse your favourite flavour notes into your perfect glass of whiskey in this Make Your Own Whiskey Kit!

Whiskey flavours can be so complex. If you have ever loved the characteristic of one whiskey and wished it also had the flavour notes of another whiskey, this is your chance to create your own perfect whiskey! This Make Your Own Whiskey kit consists of 3 types of Scotland Organic Wood Whiskey Chips, which all bring different flavours to your whiskey. The kit also includes 5 different types of organic and natural ingredients such as orange peels and cinnamon so you can infuse your favourite flavours into your very own whiskey.

With these natural ingredients, you can enjoy your own wine making moment and begin to create your first Whiskey masterpiece. After selecting your favourite base alcohol, Whiskey chips and ingredients, you can finally make your own perfect Whiskey! You will then own a unique Whiskey which only belongs to you.

The kit comes with two 500ml lead-free glasswares, a filter and 8 resealable ingredients’ tubes to facilitate your wine making process. There is also a detailed guideline for those who don’t have previous wine making experience.

Moreover, you can design your own bottle label, so you can gift your very own branded Whiskey to a friend or loved one! It makes a unique and meaningful gift, made with your own hands and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Try out this Make Your Own Whiskey Kit and start to become a pro in wine making!


Availability and Duration

Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance and subject to availability.

Experience Location

Enjoy your Experience at Home!

The kit will be delivered to an address of your choice.

Experience Voucher Delivery Reminders
If you select 'postal mail' at the checkout, we will only mail the Experience Voucher Gift Pack for your order. If you wish to receive the kit directly, please select 'by email' at the checkout. Please refer to the Experience Voucher code you receive physically/ by email and fill the booking form on our website to receive the kit. Thank you.


Instructions are written in English.


Participants must be aged 18 or above.

If you have any allergies, please let us know before the experience.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Extra Information
This experience includes:

  • 8 different organic ingredients
  • 2 x 500ml lead-free glasswares
  • A filter
  • 2 x marking labels
  • 8 tube sealing tapes

You must provide:

  • A bottle of Whiskey as the base alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which alcohol should I pick as the base alcohol?
A: Absolut Vodka and Smirnoff Vodka are both good options. You can also pick neutral grain alcohol or a bottle of Whiskey.

Q: Can I drink my Whiskey immediately after I make it?
A: It usually takes at least 48 hours after making for a good infusion.

Q: How will my order be delivered?
A: The order will be delivered by SF Express or Hong Kong Post.

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Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

Infuse your favourite flavour notes into your perfect glass of whiskey in this Make Your Own Whiskey Kit!

Share your story

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