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Make Your Own Band CD

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Formed a band but never had your performance recorded? Capture your band's talent in a professional recording studio, design your own CD cover and make your own CD!

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For those who enjoy making music for fun, this experience will give you a whole new spin on your hobby by giving you a taster of what it's like to record and produce your own CD! 

First you need to choose the songs that you would like to record. Let the recording studio know which instruments you would like to use so they can get everything set up for you. On the day of your studio experience, you will be shown to the recording room which will be packed with microphones, guitars, keyboards, drums, leads and cables and all the equipment you need for your session. You will get some time to practice your songs and get comfortable with the equipment before you start recording. Your host will give you various tips and tricks whilst you record and you can have several attempts to make sure you get it all right. 

After the session, your recording will be professionally edited by qualified sound engineers. Five copies of your very own CD will even be produced with a photo and album name of your choice. 

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Number of People
This experience is valid for one studio session and can be booked for an individual or for groups of up to eight.

Experience Location 

Availability and Duration
This experience lasts for 2 hours.

Bookings can be made any time on Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays, and is subject to availability. You will get two hours of recording time at the studio and it will take a further 5-7 days to edit and produce your CD. 

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

This experience takes place indoors and is generally not affected by the weather.

What to Wear
Anything you feel comfortable singing in!

There is no minimum age for this experience but adult supervision is required to children under the age of 12. 

Extra Information
Get the most out of your experience by being fully prepared!

  1. Know what instruments you want to use and let the studio know two weeks in advance, so they can set up all the equipment for you.
  2. Choose a picture or a photograph for your CD cover and decide what you want to name your CD.
  3. Bring the lyrics for your chosen song just in case you forget the words!

Note: Band recordings made during this experience will be a live recording, meaning all instruments are to be played at the same time. The quality of music produced in this experience may not be comparable to professional music quality as your recorded tracks will be only be professionally edited but does not include auto-tuning (vocal pitch adjustment). Music produced in this experience must not be used for commercial purposes. 

You may reschedule your experience where notice has been given at least 72 hours prior to the confirmed experience date. Otherwise, the value of the experience voucher will be forfeited.

Pauline Williams 2018-11-12

I loved every minute of this experience and really felt like a star! Great provider and nice meeting Jonathan of This My Studio. Will certainly recommend this to my clients and friends.

Sandra Miloda 2018-11-01

My band and I really enjoyed the recording session. John was very professional, even gave us some pointers and helped us adjust the end of our (original) song. Felt no time pressure. All in all great experience.

David Gatrell 2016-05-25

I got this experience as a birthday present. I'd been looking forward to it for months and it completely surpassed my expectations! Jonathan is a highly accomplished producer and a pleasure to work with. He generously spent extra time getting our sound right and gave us constructive feedback on our songs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this experience to other musicians in Hong Kong.

Lun Zhang 2014-05-20

While we aren't necessarily a 'band' per se, my wonderful wife bought me and a few guys that I gather with occasionally to make 'music' the 'Make your own band CD' experience.

The five of us (two guitarists doubling as vocalists as well, drummer, bassist and keyboardish) rocked up to a very nicely kitted out studio in Central on a Saturday afternoon, not really knowing what to expect but hoping that we could band together to record something that was at least respectable.

The studio space was brilliant. Nice set-up with quality equipment (while our guitarists had their own g-tars, the studio provided a drum kit, bass and keyboards). Jon, our producer extraordinaire for the day, was friendly and injected the entire experience with a good vibe. He asked us for the playlist (luckily, he knew all the songs well) and we got straight into it.

The recording session itself went smoothly. We started with recording the backing track, with the vocals recorded separately. One thing I did find abit odd was that the guitars (lead, rhythm and bass) were plugged directly into the mixer and were in a separate area to the drums and keyboard. This caused two issues: 1) Without eye-contact and not all of us being present in the same space, timing and rhythm was alot more difficult, 2) The guitarists were not able to hear the true effects of their guitars (no distortion etc.) as the guitars went through the mixer clean. We managed okay but I put it down to us not being studio-drilled (none of us had previously recorded in such a professional studio environment).

The vocal recording went without a hitch and we ended up getting our complete CDs within a fortnight of the session.

Big shout-out to Jon, who was generous with his time and worked his magic to make us sound better than the sum of our parts. A fantastic experience.

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Make Your Own Band CD

Make Your Own Band CD

Formed a band but never had your performance recorded? Capture your band's talent in a professional recording studio, design your own CD cover and make your own CD!

Share your story

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