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Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop For Two

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This Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop allows you to design your own tiny aquarium, so you can bring a slice of the ocean home!

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This Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop allows you to design your own tiny aquarium, so you can bring a slice of the ocean home!

The eco-friendly ecosystem aquarium is a mini aquarium that accommodates an ecosystem of living organisms, like small marine creatures, underwater plants, microorganisms, and the nonliving components of their environment, like air, water and mineral soil. With these two components together, they achieve a natural balance and form a self-sustainable ecosystem!

In this 2-hour Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop, you will design your ecosystem aquarium. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will learn more about the ecosystem inside the mini aquarium and create your own version. From a buffet of materials provided, you will design your own seabed, complete with underwater plants, rocks and decoration. Finally, you will choose which marine creatures to put in, with a choice of fish or shrimp. You will also add in a sea snail who will act as your underwater cleaner! To make your ecosystem aquarium more personalised, you can also choose the colour of your mini aquarium and add other decorations. Take home kits including a dropper, tweezer, water changing set will also be provided upon the end of the experience.

Worrying about whether the ecosystem aquarium would be time-consuming to take care of? The benefit of the ecosystem aquarium is that you don’t have to change the water inside the tank and clean the tank very often as the ecosystem tends to run and clean itself smoothly. It’s a perfect choice for busy and forgetful people!

Participate in this Ecosystem Aquarium Making Experience For 2 and create your own marine ecosystem at home!


Number of People
This Experience Voucher is valid for 2 people in a group session.
Additional guests may join at an additional cost of $350 per person, up to a maximum of 7 people.
Private experience can be arranged for four or more participants.

Availability and Duration

This experience lasts for 2 hours.
Bookings are only available on selected dates and are subject to availability.

Experience Location

Chai Wan


Mainly Cantonese, English and Mandarin upon request


All participants must be aged 5 or above.

Extra InformationThis experience includes:

  • 2-hour Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop
  • All materials required for the aquarium:
         1. Desktop Tank
         2. Activated Carbon
         3. Zeolite
         4. Aqua Soil
         5. Decorative Gravel
         6. 2 accessories
         7. Aquatic Plant
         8. Either Fish or Shrimps (Red Cherry Shrimp, Neon Tetra Fish, Cherry Barb Fish)
         9. Sea Snail
  • Take home kit (instructions, dropper, tweezer, water changing set)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What kind of water can I use to change the water in the tank?
A: You do not need to change the water very often as it is a self cleaning aquarium. However, if you do change the water, you can use distilled water or tap water that has settled for 4 days. You must not use boiled water or mineral water.

Q: What type of fish or shrimp will this Experience provide?
A: You can choose from Red Cherry Shrimp, Neon Tetra Fish or Cherry Barb Fish.

Catriona Cornelius 2021-04-12

Such fun and also a learning experience at the same time! We love our mini aquariums!

Julia Moore 2021-02-17

My daughter and her friend loved this experience. They are obsessed with their fish!

Emilie Deng 2020-11-17

My son loves it!

Stan Lee 2020-09-30

This is a meaningful workshop. It is comfortable to do it and glad to design your own underwater space. They provide lot of material options. The tutor is very nice. I had a wonderful time.

Emily Lau 2020-06-15

The two hosts were really lovely. My 8 year old daughter had a great time.

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Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop For Two

Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop For Two

This Mini Ecosystem Aquarium Workshop allows you to design your own tiny aquarium, so you can bring a slice of the ocean home!

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