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  • Ceroc Beginner's Dance Class for Two



    Want to be a sensation on the dance floor? Ceroc is a fun, energetic partner dance that blends Jive with Salsa. You’ll learn enough in this one-hour Ceroc dance class to steal the show in any club!

  • Bottle Art Workshop For Two



    Enjoy an evening of art and wine in the heart of city! In this experience, you will come into the artist’s own studio to learn bottle art, while enjoying a glass of wine with your friend.

  • Chocolate and Kopi Luwak Pairing



    Chocolates and coffee have long been the perfect complements. Come join us and savour the delicacies from the world of premium chocolates and coffee in this pairing workshop!

  • Chinese Brush Painting Workshop for Two



    Ever wanted to try your hand at the elegant Chinese brush painting? Come learn the fundamental techniques of this art and fuse it with Western modes of expression on canvases with acrylic paints!

  • Chinese Tea Tasting for Two



    Come on this tea tasting journey to discover the exquisite tastes and diversity of fine Chinese tea. In this 1.5 hour workshop, you will taste 5 exceptional Chinese teas and learn the art and culture of traditional tea making.

  • Cupcake Baking Class for Two



    Want to learn how to make cupcakes? Join this 2-hour baking class and learn to make the ultimate sweet treat from start to finish!

  • Beer Appreciation Course for Two



    Pilsner, Indian Pale Ale (IPA), stout…if you’re overwhelmed by the sheer variety of beer, start from the basics in this 2-hour beer appreciation crash course. You will sample up to eight different styles of beers, whilst learning all about beer, from brewing, serving, tasting to evaluating.

  • Discover Hong Kong’s Heritage for Two



    The culture in Hong Kong has been strongly influenced by previous British rule. Discover Hong Kong with our expat guide who is knowledgeable about Hong Kong history and development, and expert at telling stories.

  • Ceramic Experience on Pottery Wheels for Two



    This workshop will let you to have a first taste of the ancient art of ceramics by using hand building. By shaping colored clay into molds, you can make pottery in any shape you want!

  • Bread Making Class for Two



    Stop looking wistfully at those bread recipes and come learn how to make bread in this hands-on bread making experience! Start with an Introduction to Bread Making or jump right into an Artisan Bread Making class.

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